Hair sculpting is an art — and you are the muse

Laura Rocha views each client as a blank canvas that is destined to evolve into his/her own personal style, making them feel empowered and ready to unleash their inner ego. She transforms hair into a unique work of art through bespoke modern styling.

Born in Mexico City, raised in Santa Barbara and now living in Los Angeles, Rocha’s unique approach to hair styling transcends borders. From a young age, she used her creative energy to overcome challenges, as well as celebrate the opportunities that come with growing up as a young immigrant woman in America. Today, she draws on her rich cultural heritage, passion for self expression, conceptual art, and film as inspiration for her modern, elevated, and often avant-garde, design aesthetic. Rocha believes hair is about more than beauty. It has the ability to visually carve shapes, create illusions, and evoke feelings, depending on the canvas she is working with.